Monday, December 17, 2007

SMS-it! Send SMS messages to mobile phones via PC.

Send SMS (Small Message Service) messages to mobile phones via PC. SMS-it! allows you to send a short message (SMS = Short Message Service) to a mobile phone using your computer. SMS-it supports Picture messages, Caller Group Graphic, Operator Logo, Ringtones and Flash SMS. The messages can be sent through an attached modem, through an internet connection or directly through an attached mobile phone. If a mobile phone is attached to the computer (IE through the IR port), the contents of the inbox can be downloaded and stored in folders. The phonebook can also be downloaded and synchronized with SMS-it!. - SMS-it! supports also downloading of WAP content to download polyphonic ringtones. - Sending Picture messages, Caller Group Graphics, Operator Logos and Ringtones only work for Nokia phones. Most new phones can however now receive FlashSMS. - Downloading and synchronizing the address book is possible on most mobile phones that can connect to a computer (either through the IR port or a cable link). - SMS-it can also integrate with MS Outlook in order to send SMS from the control bar or to send an SMS whenever a Reminder comes up. The user interface currently supports the following languages: English French German Hungarian Portuguese BR Rumanian Russian Swedish How can messages be sent? Messages can be sent either -- Through a modem, using a dial-up SMS center -- Through the internet, using an account with an internet SMS center -- Through a mobile phone attached to the computer (IE attached to the IR port) What protocols are supported? SMS-it supports a wide range of protocols (XIO/TAP, UCP, INET, PDU) hence can be used for most of the SMS services. How does it work? SMS-it accesses through your modem, the internet or the mobile phone an SMSC (Short Message Service Center) and submits the message you wish to send. Then the SMSC transmits this message to the desired mobile phone. -= Sending directly through the mobile phone =- When you send the message through your mobile phone (attached to the computer), SMS-it will use the parameters (Sender ID, SMS center, etc) of your phone to send the message. Sending will work the same as when sending messages from your phone, except that you type the message on your computer. Not all phone manufactures implement however a link to the computer (IR port or serial cable link). You can send text, pictures and ringtones. Having the mobile phone connected to the computer has the additional advantage that you can transfer data from your phone to the computer and back. IE you can synchronize your phone book and archive received SMS on your computer. -= Sending through the modem =- Sending the message through a modem will connect to an SMSC (SMS center) that relays your message to its destination. There are several mobile phone providers that offer this modem dial-up. The connection is to a local server (not to the internet), hence you need to chose an SMSC that is within your region. Alternatively you may select to dial a server abroad, but the communication cost will be expensive. When dialing abroad you need also to change the access number of the SMSC, to include the international dial codes There are two different protocols supported by the SMSC, either XIO/TAP or UCP. XIO/TAP is an older protocol initially designed for pager messages. SMSCs that support this protocol will not be able to process pictures or ringtones. They can only process text messages and can not send the SenderID. SMSCs that support the UCP protocol can send text, pictures and ringtones and support sending of the SenderID. -= Sending through the Internet =- SMS-it can send messages through a number of commercial gateways

Those sites allow you to set up an account and buy blocks of SMS. You can then send the messages either through their web site or through our SMS-it. You can send text, pictures and ringtones. Cost The cost per SMS is more or less the same. With the mobile phone link and the modem link you pay on a per usage, while with the internet gateway you prepay blocks of messages. Supported mobile phones SMS-it will work with all mobile phones that come with a modem driver.


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